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It all began in the Fall of 2019 meeting at the Maple Grove Art Center as “Art Coffee with Lisa” and just as we were getting started, Covid hit. The Global Art Café was born out of the pandemic as a way to continue meeting face-to-face and to expand our reach globally.

Since that time, we have grown to 165 members online. We meet weekly via Zoom led by Founder, Lisa Kindle. Over the months, we have had multiple art challenges and several special guests come to visit us in the Café.

This group reaches from its founding place of Maple Grove, Minnesota to India, Nepal, London, Japan, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, across the United States and growing all the time!

Highlights of our first year so far include live video feeds on Facebook in our group from all around the globe from our members. We walked the streets of Paris, Luxembourg, London and Amsterdam. We even had a tour of a historic music museum in Amsterdam! We even tagged along with a member’s father on his morning walk to buy the daily baggette at the local french bakery.

Another highlight was visiting with a members’s son directly from Nepal. He is a PhD in Anthropology and he brought his friend, a deaf sculptor, to share with us through translation and learn about him as an artist as well as what art and culture are like in Nepal.

As Founder, I have collaborated with many of the “regulars” to create creative worksheets and exercises for the group. There have been watercolor tips, meditations, mandala coloring sheets, recipes and more. I am creating new things all the time, and many times give those away as weekly freebies when you attend the meeting.

We have also had authors come and talk to us about their books as they are launching. I look forward to the expansion of this group and all the learning we can do together.

This group brings art and life together by focusing on the creative, but by coming together and sharing our lives as we inspire, encourage and uplift one another in our personal lives, our creative lives and also in our business lives.

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“As a member of the Global Art Café, I was inspired to create a weekly live chat for my health & wellness business. Lisa is a natural leader who encourages us to try new things! Being a part of Lisa’s group every week provides me with a safe place to connect with others through joy-filled, insightful conversation.”
Pamela Grover
Global Art Café Member, Business Owner
"The Global Art Café has been a great way for me to both connect with like-minded people and expand my horizons in art. It is a wonderful group of respectful and creative people who encourage, motivate and challenge each other. Being part of the Global Art Café has had a positive impact on my creative journey and I look forward to continuing being part of this wonderful community."
Valerie Grand Marschner
Global Art Café Member / Artist

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