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Come join a weekly Zoom call. Founder, Lisa Kindle will provide a topic for discussion and a weekly creative challenge!   Sign up for the call on the contact page.

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This community is designed to encourage and inspire the art within you through lively conversation, telling of our stories and sharing of resources. Are you interested in growing through practices such as the Artist’s Way, making a mandala, starting a business, doing yoga, oil painting, writing a novel….. this is the place to come together and connect with others living or desiring a life that is creative at it’s core. Maybe you just love to learn from others? We are all about learning and growth that stimulates and elevates the creativity in the world.

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A Facebook group currently following the Artist’s Way daily practices. You are encouraged to share your creative story including challenges and successes in order to uplift other members. Members of this group will have the opportunity to be a part of the weekly live event on Facebook live or on Zoom.

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