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This community is designed to encourage and inspire the art within you through connecting with others whether you’re an artist or not! Everyone is welcome to the Café table to learn how to live a more creative lifestyle.

Are you interested in growing through practices such as the Artist’s Way, making a mandala, starting a business, doing yoga, oil painting, writing a novel? Do you desire to live a life that is creative at its core? Wonder what’s blocking you?

Maybe you just love to learn from others? We are all about learning and growth that stimulates and elevates the creativity in the world in which we live. Conversations are more important now than ever to understand and express ourselves in a positive way.

Share resources by connecting.

Incorporate creativity into your daily life.

Get in touch with your inner artist.

Tell your story.

Learn from others.

Expand your mind.

Grow personally and professionally.

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Basic Membership

Free to Join

A Facebook group currently following the Artist’s Way daily practices. You are encouraged to share your creative story including challenges and successes in order to uplift other members. Members of this group will have the opportunity to be a part of the weekly live event on Facebook live or on Zoom. Join the weekly Zoom call by signing up on the contact page. Founder, Lisa Kindle will provide a topic for discussion, weekly creative challenges, and some freebies!   


VIP Subscription

$20 per month

The VIP group is designed for those who would like to dig deeper into their creative calling. As a VIP member, you will receive:

• A weekly email with information to support your journey

• A weekly focus topic and motivating challenges

• A weekly Zoom coaching session

• Special downloads to promote further growth

• Global Art Café membership

“As a member of the Global Art Café, I was inspired to create a weekly live chat for my health & wellness business. Lisa is a natural leader who encourages us to try new things! Being a part of Lisa’s group every week provides me with a safe place to connect with others through joy-filled, insightful conversation.”
Pamela Grover
Global Art Café Member, Business Owner
The Global Art Café has been a great way for me to both connect with like-minded people and expand my horizons in art. It is a wonderful group of respectful and creative people who encourage, motivate and challenge each other. Being part of the Global Art Café has had a positive impact on my creative journey and I look forward to continuing being part of this wonderful community.
Valerie Grand Marschner
Global Art Café Member / Artist
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