Couple’s Vision Board Night

March 19, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Maple Grove Arts Center
11666 Fountains Drive
Maple Grove
MN 55311
Lisa Kindle

Creating a vision board as a couple can be a fun activity for a couple to share. Dean and I are excited to share with you one of the ways we connect through art. Dean is a self-professed non-artist, but since we’ve been together, he has shown he has much latent creativity that wants to be expressed. Have fun letting your inner artist come out to play and connect with your partner on a deeper level. We’ll share how we created our vision board and help you along the way to make something meaningful to bring home and inspire you!

Here are some reasons why creating a couple’s vision board is a good idea.

●      It serves as a reminder of what you want your life to look like

●      It helps bring dreams into focus and turn them into goals

●      It helps you define goals and set milestones for accomplishing them

●      It helps clarify where you will invest your time, money and energy

●      It fosters communication on what is important to each person and leads to open, honest discussions

●      It has the potential to bring a couple closer together and strengthen a relationship

During our Vision Board Night, you will be provided with all the tools to create a vision board you can take home, frame and keep in a place that reminds you of your fun together and the memories you have chosen to create in the year ahead. Please bring some personal photos if you wish to incorporate those into your board. Suggestions would be photos of you as couples, family photos, (an ultrasound photo???) or places you’d like to travel, including other things that have meaning in the upcoming months of 2020! Let’s have some fun!

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