Dear Soulmate Client,

I have cleared a safe space for you to come and sit with me. We can sit quietly or talk freely. We can create art or make mandalas by the lake. We could take a contemplative walk. My desire is to meet you where you’re at to discover the beautiful, creative soul that lives within you.

My deepest hope for you is to ignite your inner light to share with the world. To be so full of joy knowing and being all that you were made to be. Whether it’s to be an artist, architect, realtor, teacher or banker, the only limit to your success is your imagination.

I can’t wait to go on this fantastic, colorful journey with you!

Artfully Yours, Lisa


Therapeutic Art Life Coaching

Art Soul Living founder, Lisa Kindle is a Certified Art Life Coach. Lisa has a special gift of motivating those around her by tapping into what inspires them. Her classes and coaching will help you bring your own creativity to light and leave you feeling energized and inspired.

Therapeutic Art Life Coaching provides you with simple tools and a unique access point to tap into usually untouched emotions that can creative blocks, unhappiness or unease in your work or personal life. This therapy is aimed at inspiring you to find creative solutions that result in a happier, balanced life.

Love Manifested Workshop March 2019

Come, discover the beautiful, creative soul that lives within you….

Art Soul Living offers both one-on-one coaching and group coaching sessions that utilizes therapeutic art practices such as Art Journaling, Life Affirmation Cards, Mandalas, Intuitive Painting, Meditation, Bridging, Visualization, Free-Flow Writing, and Reframing Techniques.

Art Soul Living also offers a variety of classes geared towards deepening your understanding of self. The combined use of coaching and classes is a great way to enrich your life and enjoy the rewards of creating something new in your life. Everyone is creative.

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