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Inspire Tags are a Hug for the Soul

What a fun time we had creating Inspire Art Tags!

On November 13, 2018 I led my first official art experience making INSPIRE TAGS with a small group of women, including a young girl there with her mom, participants ranging in ages 8 to 70. Our class was hosted by Dr. Shannon McCarty of SOUL CHIRO, White Bear Lake, MN in her beautiful studio.

So, yes, I was a little nervous about this first event. It had been awhile since I’d gotten a group of women together to make tags and it was never about me teaching or presenting it as a craft so it felt very new and a little scary. It turned out to be fabulous. Everyone was receptive and really got into it. Each person made a very unique card for a special person or purpose. I really liked seeing what people chose to do. There was one that was done for their 12-year old son full of daily affirmations to hang on his backpack, another to inspire themselves to go after their dreams, another got in her “zen” zone to make a truly unique inspiring card, the youngest made a fun “funny” tag for her bestie with word cut-outs and lots of bling! The more seasoned artist of the group chose some of my favorite art cut-outs to pull together a ring of special tags – while another made a motivational tag for her husband to take to work every day and a tag for a friend recovering from cancer.

Inspiring others to create and watch them engage in this process to make such thoughtful pieces, inspires and encourages me that this is a worthwhile pursuit that many can benefit from. Taking time to create art has been proven to improve both your physical and mental health. Being creative makes you happier!*


“Inspire Tags” started as part of another women’s group I ran many years ago. This community was one of encouragement, with the opportunity to share “life” in a safe place. It was a way to connect with other women in the community and build relationships. We made cards for others in our community as we felt there was a need. Over the years, women collected a ring-full of tags that now serve as a reminder of the circle of women that surround us and build a community of support, love and encouragement, especially on the most challenging of days or seasons of life. My vision for introducing “Inspire Tags” to White Bear Lake is to create a unique way for women to connect. I’d like to see women of all ages and backgrounds find common ground. I love to see women building strong relationships while building each other up through kind words of encouragement, fostering a closer knit community.

Making an “Inspire Tag” lets us slow to down and enrich our lives in many ways:

• You are investing in yourself and the person you are making the card for. •  When you give your tag to someone, you have built another bridge to that person and strengthened that connection for the good. •  Creating any form of art is not dependent on a person’s skill or talents. It’s the process that gives stress relief, aid in communication and has also been shown to assist in stave off cognitive decline.

I hope when you receive an “Inspire Tag” that you consider it, a “hug for your soul”.

*Want to learn more about the benefits of making art? article source: “Make More Art: The Health Benefits of Creativity” by James Clear.