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When I moved to White Bear Lake three years ago with my teen daughter, it was a fresh start for us. It has become a special place in our lives – becoming “our town”. We love being only a half-block from the path around the South side of the lake. Our daily ritual has become at least one walk (sometimes several) along the lake.

The LAKEWALK has become many things to me: a way to connect with my daughter, exercise, practice photography, and meet my neighbors.

Oftentimes, it’s a way to escape a long day’s stresses. My photos started as a way to do more photography and sharing daily sunrise photos I took on my way to work. People started telling me how much they enjoyed my posts on Facebook. I was encouraged and inspired to create more photography of the lake as time went by in all seasons – even in the biggest blizzard last year, I was capturing the white-out conditions wrapping the shore, barely visible.

This journey has developed into a new brand, LAKEWALK, featuring these photos captured over these years. It brings me great joy to have found a home and community excited to share in my walks through my art. My LAKEWALK series now includes photography, art cards, custom artwork. Soon, I will be adding products such as caps, tees, inspirational talks, and events to network and connect with others in the community. Another way I’d like to connect with you is to invite you to join me on a LAKEWALK!

Bring your camera, smartphone, strap on your walking shoes and enjoy some time along the lake with me.


You may preorder/purchase this 20” x 30” poster featuring 77 of my LAKEWALK photos.