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Why Art Soul Living?

I am passionate about art.  Whatever the medium, I am passionate about creating and sharing it with others.  I love teaching others to slow down and make time to tap into their inner creativity.  I feel it opens them up to be more of their “true self” by allowing creativity to flow.  Art is not a simple answer, it is a process of making – digging deeper, and getting into the flow.  The greatest reward is the “light bulb moment”, seeing the smile and knowing that a soul has been touched.  I find tremendous fulfillment in sharing my passions and in the knowledge that in doing so, I have positively influenced another person’s life.  I love helping others discover the joy of creating something and the realization that creativity is something they had within them all along just waiting to come out.

As in music, art touches the soul in a way that words and actions cannot.  Like unseen faith, art provides pleasure, bliss, joy, and happiness prompted from a source deep within.  I believe that creation can be a spiritual experience. These inner-promptings come from a higher place. For me, it’s called the Holy Spirit, the “one” who gives us talent and divine inspiration.

My passion at Art Soul Living is to bring people together, providing an open space to tap into that higher place where the participant can discover something new about themselves through the process of “making”. This can be refreshing, relaxing, even healing. It is whatever you need it to be. All of this is within you.  

Participant’s mini-vision postcards. The back have positive affirmations and notes written to themselves. Art Soul Living is about finding the art within yourself – messages that take time to dig a little deeper to find. I hope that you find inspiration in your life today!