Hello all, I’m so glad you found my website and wanted to learn more.!

Who am I? First, let me introduce myself, I am Lisa Campton, Marek (Olson-oops!) Marek again, and now Kindle. Over the past few months, I’ve reached yet another milestone birthday and married the love of my life. With age comes wisdom, so they say. They also say the “third times a charm”.  As I share on the blog, I will be transparent with the aim of encouraging and inspiring you to be your best self. I certainly hope you find you can relate to my life. I hope that inspiration leads you to create things that maybe you didn’t even realize you had within you to make.

I graduated from Augsburg College with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, with concentrations in Music Performance, German and Fine Art. After college, I worked in the field of graphic design for over 20 years. In 2006, I left the corporate world to follow a long-time dream of running my own business and founded Fat Cat Art Studio. In 2018, my vision took a turn and I founded Art Soul Living, to engage, connect and inspire others through art. As this business develops, I hold the position of Director of Creative Services at Avallo, Inc.

My other project and passion is “YourLAKEWALK”, a brand featuring photography taken along the shores of local (and maybe some not-so-local) lakes. YourLAKEWALK is an opportunity to take time and reflect on life, nature,and the beauty of the world around us, It is a chance to connect with others while leaving the busy-ness of life behind.

I thrive on creative challenges.  I am passionate about the arts and contributing to the community. I believe in embracing today and living life intentionally, with purpose. I hope to inspire the art within you. 

Things to watch for: Workshops, classes and retreats. I will be teaching some classes at the Maple Grove Art Center (TBA) and am currently planning a women’s retreat to be held on Madeline Island in July of 2020.