I graduated from Augsburg College with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, with concentrations in Music Performance, German and Fine Art.

I have worked in the field of graphic design for over 20 years. Mainly self-taught, I started my career in print shops working beside pressman designing and watching the print industry transition into a digital world. I then graduated into advertising as an Art Director, then into corporate America, where I worked as a “Graphics Specialist” on a creative team.

I left the corporate world to follow a long-time dream of having my own business. I founded Fat Cat Art Studio in 2006. Among many things I create, I enjoy doing logo design, trade show displays, food packaging, and photography for product promotion, marketing kits, business collateral, web graphics, and book cover design to my specialties.

I have the ability to manage multiple projects under the pressure of deadlines. This is one of my greatest assets while also meeting various client needs and creative requests.

In 2018, I opened a new chapter of my creative life, founding Art Soul Living, more of a lifestyle brand that is meant to engage, connect and inspire through art. I hope to inspire the art within you!

Another way I am enjoying connecting with others under the cap of Art Soul Living is in my 

LAKEWALK series, featuring my photos taken along the shore of White Bear Lake, MN. Not only through sharing the photos on social media, but by having others join me on my walks along the lake –where they can enjoy the experience of LAKEWALK – a time to reflect on nature, connect with others and leave the busy-ness of their life behind, if not only for an hour or two.

I thrive on creative challenges and consider myself an experienced graphic designer, photographer, and artist.