My name is Lisa Kindle and I work with people of all ages and backgrounds. You know who you are – those of you who feel that ache to create something. You love the feel of the pen on paper, your feet on the dirt trail, sand between your toes, the click of a shutter when you photograph the perfect sunrise – or simply the smell of fresh air in the after it rains?

Sunset on White Bear Lake
Sunset on White Bear Lake, Minnesota by Lisa Kindle

Over the years, I’ve had several careers. Most of them in the creative realm. My main career has been working as a corporate graphic designer, creative director, independent designer and small business owner. I’ve won several awards along the way and felt satisfied with my career, but always felt like it wasn’t quite the right fit. I wanted to do more to help others using my creative talents and networking prowess.

My formal education includes a Bachelor in Art Studio, German and Music from Augsburg University with a semester at the Universität Heidelberg. From there, I spent the lion-share of my career as a graphic designer with some short stints as a wedding photographer, artist along with a long list of odd jobs including a hotel Chef and lunch room monitor. Didn’t you dream of being a “lunch lady” when you grew up?  For more than 10 years, I wore the hat of entrepreneur and single mom. During this time, I supported my daughter and I  with my graphic design business, hustling and working three jobs at times. I learned how to manage both time and money, built a business while raising an amazing daughter.

Family fun at our wedding September 20, 2019
Family fun before we tied the knot on September 20, 2019

Today, I am certified as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach, growing a fabulous creative community, the Global Art Café on Facebook, newly married empty-nester! (How is that possible?) One thing you can always be sure of, and that is CHANGE. I am a living testament to positive change that came through much perseverance and faith. My passion to create the life I wanted has prepared me to help you in your journey. I do not take life for granted. We all have a story to tell and deserve to be heard. It’s never too late to find your passion for life. My biggest thrill is to see that what I am doing has a positive impact on those around me. I want to help you in any way I can to succeed and live out your biggest dreams.

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