My Art Pages

A sample page from the newest e-book by Lisa Kindle.

“My Art Pages” is a book full of creative self-care pages, DIY affirmations and mantras, spots for writing, journaling, art journaling and collage-making. Use whatever medium you like to express yourself! Most of all, have fun. Enjoy 20 pages of mindfulness practice using art and other artsy goodness for your soul!

This page is an “I AM” page. “I AM” statements are a way for you to empower yourself, inspire and motivate yourself to manifest your biggest dreams. After you do this page, post it on the fridge or anywhere you can see it every day and repeat the phrase you create as a personal mantra and be mindful of how this starts to manifest in your life!

Another idea is to take a picture of it and use it as your phone or computer screen saver. Keep the positive energy flowing.

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