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The Global Art Café is a dynamic global creative community. It is a place for artists and non-artists alike to come together and share thoughts, experiences, and insights. This group brings art and life together by focusing on creative consciousness. By coming together and sharing our lives — we inspire, encourage and uplift one another in our personal lives, our creative lives and also in our business lives.

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Art is for everyone. I want any one who is interested to feel welcome to visit us in the Global Art Café. From time to time, we have a special guest to share with us, but most weeks, it is our “regulars” who come and check in weekly to share their art, life stories and provides connection to start or wrap up another week with a little creative inspiration.

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" The Global Art Café is a wonderful group that brings people from different parts of the world to talk about art and the creative process. This has been a great outlet to for get to inspiration from others and gain new friends. People have been really supportive of me and amazing cheerleaders. I love this Group."
Lora Field
Global Art Café Member
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