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The Global Art Café is a dynamic global creative community. It is a place for artists and non-artists alike to come together and share thoughts, experiences, and insights. This group brings art and life together by focusing on creative consciousness. By coming together and sharing our lives — we inspire, encourage and uplift one another in our personal lives, our creative lives and also in our business lives.

Choose the group that works for you. 

Weekly or monthly, Art Soul Living has a group that is sure to enrich your life. Choose from Business mastermind to creative playtime or self-development in the newest group, ARTFUL Transformations.

Weekly Global Art Café

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You will have the opportunity to engage with other members of the Global Art Café through their Facebook and Instagram communities. Engage and be inspired by this creative community as we continue to grow globally. 

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Art is for everyone. I want any one who is interested to feel welcome to visit us in the Global Art Café. From time to time, we have a special guest to share with us, but most weeks, it is our “regulars” who come and check in weekly to share their art, life stories and provides connection to start or wrap up another week with a little creative inspiration.

Monthly Meetings

 Everyone is welcome to attend. 

We have 2 monthly meetings to choose from.

ART Together where we will be making art and chatting via Zoom the second Tuesday of each month from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. central time.

The Biz Mastermind is a place to network and talk about business growth strategies and create measurable and actionable goals for your business. This group meets the first Tuesday of every month via Zoom from 11:00 a.m.  – 12:00 p.m. central time.

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Grow your personal or business circle with global connections
  • Gain global connections to grow your business and personal experience.
  • Weekly meetings to learn, grow and nurture your creative nature.
  • Monthly BIZ Mastermind on Zoom networking and learning from global creative leaders.
  • Monthly “ART Together” where we gather on Zoom to work on our own projects and sometimes visit artist studios around the country, even the globe.

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All of the Zoom meetings, guest speakers, guest artists, workshops and weekly meetings take time and effort to create. There is a lot of work that goes into producing both the content and the gatherings.

If you have found an Art Soul Living experience enriching in some way that you will consider contributing to the on-going growth of ArtLife programming.  

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New in 2021!

Join the ARTFUL Transformations Group: Applying Art to Life for Healing

Women (30-65+) who are looking for an alternative space to explore healing and freedom using art techniques and tools. By this time in life, we’ve all had our shares of ups and down, disappointments, and milestone life events.

As a community we can provide resources and insights to one another to navigate all the curve balls life throws at us. Topics will include job changes, loss, stress, confidence, divorce, bankruptcy, business, balance, health, and much more. Art gives us an outlet, regardless of what place in life we are at – in good times and the not so good times.

This is currently a public Facebook Group. I look forward to meeting you soon! Click here to join!

" The Global Art Café is a wonderful group that brings people from different parts of the world to talk about art and the creative process. This has been a great outlet to for get to inspiration from others and gain new friends. People have been really supportive of me and amazing cheerleaders. I love this Group."
Lora Field
Global Art Café Member
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