I am a creative professional with over twenty years experience as an award-winning graphic designer. I have worked with agencies, corporate creative departments and small businesses both as an employee and as a independent contractor. 

I have always enjoyed the element of working with people and their ideas.  Now, as a certified therapeutic art life coach, I am combining my years of experience and knowledge as a graphic designer and entrepreneur with my passion for the arts. I studied piano and cello at a young age and have always loved to draw or make things with my hands. I even had my own workbench in my dad’s shop!

My blog brings you tools to access your creativity, tips to use art for relaxation and a source of healing. You will find me out in nature, talking with people aroung the globe and creating and trying all sort of new things here. I hope you will stop by and take a look!

Living an Artist’s Life brings authenticity to the work I do coaching and encouraging others to explore their artistic nature. 

I love moving a pen on paper, walking along a dirt trail, hearing the click of a shutter as I capture a nearly perfect sunrise, or the smell of the earth after a spring rain. Nature inspires me.

I find peace in the flow as I create these pen and ink “doodles.” I find myself amazed at what presents itself in the end, what comes up as I ask the question, “I am one who” as it relates to the drawing. What story does it tell? What can I learn about myself through the images I have drawn?

This is me in my home art space. My husband and I created the wall you see behind me. It is hundreds of shims painted, cut and mounted to our wall! It creates a colorful and fun backdrop to work in.

“Dream,” a colored pencil, watercolor, pen and ink original artwork created in 2020 as part of a 21 Day drawing challenge we did in the Global Art Café.

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