Art Moves the Mind!

We are all familiar with the dedication and discipline it takes for an Olympic Athlete to excel in their event. Well, if you think about it, why are we surprised we can easily fall short in different areas of our life without regular exercise of our body or mind.

I am here to propose that daily exercise of your artistic muscles in the brain is as important as moving the muscles in the rest of your body. Just as much as a good work out can elevate your energy, allowing your mind to get in the flow through creative exercise will increase positivity, aid in overall wellbeing and has even been shown to support brain health.

With the beginning of a new year, many of us are setting resolutions for better health. I’m here to remind you not to forget to make art a priority this year. If 2020 did nothing else, I think it showed us that it is good to slow down and recognize what’s most important in our lives. That would be health. Exercising the brain with creativity and art activities is a great way to spend time with family while also providing great self-care opportunities.

Doing things like making vision boards, affirmation cards, coloring in coloring sheets, painting, drawing, or even doodling are great ways to create more harmony in your life.

A vision board or an affirmation, card can be a change agent bringing inspiration, shape habits, or identify and support dreams and goals you may have. They keep you focused and motivated.

Might I suggest that reviewing your affirmation cards or practicing one of these art-making activities would be a great way to “cool-down” after a work out and stay healthy and on track for overall well-being in 2021.

Art Moves the Mind!
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