The Global Art Café’s Expanding Palette

Since creating the Global Art Café  group on March 23, 2020, we have grown to nearly 80 members and are growing every day. We have members from as far away as Amsterdam, Luxembourg and North Wales. Our members have backgrounds from many walks of life: retired administrators, teachers, homemakers, business people, entrepreneurs, artists, cellists, beauticians, life and nutrition coaches, writers, authors, accountants, and many more.

“We are a constantly expanding palette of people and colors that inspire one another to live creatively in our own unique ways.”

– Lisa M. Kindle

The mission of the Global Art Café is to challenge one another to be the best each of us can be while providing help to one another as we achieve our goals. Art and Creative thinking provide ways to expand our solutions other kinds processes can not.

Today, we celebrate and recognize one of our members, Sybil Swanson as she shares her artistic talents with one of her favorite mediums, abstract painting!

Global Art Café Colors #1 by Sybil Swanson
The question asked of each of us was: If you were a color, what color would you be today? I chose to take that question a bit further and took those colors from my paint box: turquoise, aqua, pink, hot pink, green, spring green, white and black. As I applied my brush to the canvas, I could feel how we just start out as anonymous individuals, then we start telling our stories, a little at a time. As the time progresses, I hear laughter and tears, and we begin to mesh, we begin to get a sense of each other. Our colors begin to blend. The beginnings of friendship.

It is the icing on the cake when we are able to celebrate creative victories, such as completing a project, creating something new, or exploring new things. Please keep a watch on our members as they create and share and help to celebrate those efforts! It is through this support we continue to grow and achieve our life-dreams!


The Global Art Café’s Expanding Palette
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