The Artist’s Way Helped Reveal My Purpose

I started the Artist’s Way to a New You 2020 Facebook Group in January 2020 as a way to keep myself accountable and create a place to stay on track. I am NOT a morning person. But… I had multiple reasons to do this challenge.

I’ve had lots of changes since the fall of 2019. Part of those changes included being an empty-nester, transitioning back to working at home, and newly married! Getting up early allowed me time to do my morning pages before I started the day and have a half-an-hour for devotional time and catch up life with my husband before he leaves for work.

This simple routine slowly transformed my vision and business goals. I had also been doing a weekly Art Coffee at the Maple Grove Art Center as part of my transition to this area. I was being led to start doing classes online, and when the Corona Virus “Shelter-at-Home” went into place, it pushed me to make the leap to pursue a certification for Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and launch the Global Art Café.

As I read the opening lines of Chapter 1 again this morning to start my second twelve weeks, now posting in the Global Art Café, I have a strong sense of new beginnings. I have worked independently, largely from home for nearly 15 years, so the “Shelter-at-Home” order is easy for me, but being an empathetic being, I sense a shift and hear my calling very loudly. The need for expression of what lies within us is stronger than ever. God said, “I have created you for such a time as this…” Esther 4:14 A time to lead – a time to change the lifestyle that had come before. This is that time.

People say one thing I do well is to challenge them, to make them think in a different way. To give them the nudge to go beyond their comfort zone. To feel the joy in doing something they had feared or not made time to do.

My challenge for myself – and to you, my audience as I write this today, is to ask yourself, whether it is to my God or yours, the Universe, whatever or whoever your higher power is, if you truly believe: “God created you for such a time as this, and He has a plan for you,” in every moment, every start of a new day, how would this change your days? 

Imagine living out your days with purpose, knowing you are living the life you were created to have!

The Artist’s Way Helped Reveal My Purpose

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