Inspire Tags
Class participants showing off their INSPIRE TAGS at different Art Soul Living Workshops held over the past year.
Photo features happy participants in Art Soul Living workshops from 2018-2019

Hello, all. I am aspiring to blog more. Life and work is a constant process to improve on the day before. Today’s post is about what I have been building up to over the past year when I founded my new business, Art Soul Living.

Here’s an overview of Art Soul Living, its classes; and, specifically, the INSPIRE TAG, which is used as a foundational concept in my business.

In order to inspire the art within you, Art Soul Living classes provide an opportunity to slow down and reflect in a quiet, safe space that promotes the open flow of creativity.

Classes provide a time for self-discovery using mindfulness exercises and an exploration of a wide variety of art techniques.

The “INSPIRE TAG” was created as a way to connect with yourself and others through art-making.

A key element of the “INSPIRE TAG” is the use of affirmations as a way to empower, encourage and uplift one’s soul.

The “INSPIRE TAG” is a mini-canvas for you to express your inner-artist.

Connect with Yourself and Others through Art-Making
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