Creativity is the key to a Happier Life

Lisa Kindle is a Creative Lifestyle Guru and Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach specializing in helping people of all ages find the creativity that lies within each of us. Her love of helping others, being in nature and traveling have inspired her  to develop offerings that support individuals to find lasting, fulfilling transformation in their lives.

It’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to draw, paint, take a break, write, or sit still in nature. When would be a time to create the life you want? It’s time to find your creative side again. Let’s execute and do it!

 Art Life Coaching – What is It?

Therapeutic art life coaching is a practice of helping individuals to heal, reduce stress and manifest dreams with mandalas, affirmations, vision boards, and more. We use art techniques to help reduce a person’s stress levels and heal emotional pain.  Art life coaching also increases an individual’s self-awareness, intuition and self-expression. Art life coaching encourages people to create art without self-judgement. We use therapeutic art processes to help clients create tangible picture of their visions and dreams.

Is Art Life Coaching for me?

I am an excellent fit for you if you are looking to work on your future  regarding your career, art skills, wellness, and/or relationships. I can help you to gain clarity around your professional or personal aspirations. Together, we can define and devise a plan of attack to meet your goals and define your dreams. If you are looking for another perspective, I specialize in helping you see it.

It’s Time for Some Creative Self-Care!

Hello, it’s your brain talking….“do you hear the alarm going off?… it’s time for work, time for school, time to make dinner, time to run to the store, go to the gym, pick up “jimmy”, call your friend, take out

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About Me

Lisa Kindle, a therapeutic art life coach and leader of a growing creative community that inspires people around the globe with a personable approach and an artsy twist! She now coaches one-on-one and in group settings, including retreats and workshops. With over 25 years of professional experience as a corporate designer, photographer, graphic designer, small business owner, and all-around visionary, Lisa’s creative spirit shines through connecting people and ideas.



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